How to Start a Successful SEO Agency

How to Start a Successful SEO Agency

Starting a business in Australia has never been more lucrative or accessible. The internet is a vast and untapped place, no matter what you hear. And what you hear is what people wish to read and find out. And your SEO company can be the one that will bring them the best content available. Starting anything online is always better than the physical counterpart due to far fewer initial costs. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, and before you start your online site and fire up the servers, there are a couple of crucial things to take care of first!

1. Have some clients from the get-go!

A good rule of thumb for any business is to have some people backing you up before you start. If you wish to begin working in any venture, you should have some experience. By gaining experience, you will form contact, and your name will get heard. Then you can start a company that will have its core customers and that way, you are not starting from scratch.

Before you start your SEO company, you can promote Facebook pages that will get you some exposure. That initial friction can save your potential SEO company and give wind to your sails. Anything is better than having zero clients once you begin, so do your prep work to ensure your business stays at work!

2. Explore the industry

Setting up shop is the same as conquering new land and planting your flag. The more people in any sector, the bigger your competition, which makes sense. Taking time to scout out and find a sector not saturated to the brim will make your job easier. Establishing your company and doing a marketing campaign will make your branding easier when you don’t have to compete against thousands of other companies. If you can find an untapped market sector, and should it collide with your interests, then you have a winning formula.

The goal of your company and the theme you wish to establish are all great, and doing what you love and know is important. But if those interests are in an overcrowded field, then you need to rethink your position. Going for less competition where you have some knowledge is far better than competing with millions in a sector you are knowledgeable.

3. Outsource what you can

You are not a jack-of-all-trades guy, no one is. Starting a company is an enormous undertaking, where you must learn and juggle skills, often while doing something else. To avoid getting burnout, and failure, don’t try to bite more than you can chew. Trying to master all skills needed is a noble goal, but you must admit you need helping hands. Outsourcing your needs to pro and quality SEO Sydney services will get you ahead.

Your competition already has a head start and has all they need to suffocate your humble beginnings. You are not only competing with established corporations but with other striving businesses as well. The ones with better allies will win, and you should not hesitate to outsource all your needs. Outsourcing companies are specialized professionals in their field, and their help can make all the difference in the world.

4. Customer relationships

Customer relationships are your bread, butter, foundation and bridges! You cannot survive or start a business without dedicated customers that will back you up! Once you start your business, there will be customer reviews, comments and testimonies. Each of them can make or break your starting endeavor. It’s your job to always respond to them and read each.

Think of every comment as a live person entering thru your front door. Would you ignore them in real life? Not and so shouldn’t you in the virtual world. Responding to reviews is how you show you care and start building lasting relationships with your future customers. Don’t ignore opportunities to grow, and you will reap the benefits of your engagements.

5. Never stop creating

Your company needs to create valued products each day, or let’s say constantly. Your online presence is tied to the level of your activity. When you quiet down or stop producing content, you will disappear from the online radar. Making noise goes hand-in-hand with putting out content. Blogs, vlogs, posts, articles, newsletters, email follow-up, whatever you can think that’s digital and content, you should do it. SEO companies live and die by the content they create and help create.

The other half, which is helping to create is what’s your SEO job. The first half is your job, where you are responsible for making content that will promote your craft, name and services. With each article you make, you are making one step in the right direction. Any content you make is better than making none at all, and keep in mind that being consistent is what attracts users. People love certainty, and when you provide some, they will appreciate it.

6. Enbeed the human touch

What separates your SEO company from thousands of others? In this day and age, people are alienated by all the online and artificial content and soulless companies. What you can do to make a difference is to put a friendly face first. While branding is important, we did cover it in a later note. What we wish to talk about here is the importance of your customers but in a different way.

Word-of-mouth recommendation is worth more than gold in any industry, and when you have happy and satisfied customers that can vouch for your quality, you have an edge over your opponents. Put each testimony front and centre on your page, and other customers will follow. The best part is that such a recommendation is free and comes from your previous work while ensuring future success!


SEO companies bring quality content to people who wish for it. On the other end, they filter and promote content from companies that aim to make a difference in the world. SEO companies are the filter that separates the best from the worst. It’s up to you to become a part of this noble tradition and make a difference in the global jungle. The sooner you start, the better you’ll feel about yourself!