Understanding Translation Process

Translation is one of the important sciences that cannot be overlooked because of its importance and impact on the peoples of the world in various fields and circles. So, what does Translation mean?


It means the process in which a text written in one language is transferred and transformed into another language so that the texts are understood and circulated among peoples of different cultures.

Importance of Translation Process:

The importance of translation has been discovered since ancient times, as the Arabs translated the books of the Greeks and benefited from them, and the Europeans also benefited from the books and civilizations of the ancient Arabs and Egyptians by translating them. Translation is not an easy or simple process. Rather, it is a very complex process that requires those who perform it to have sufficient experience and knowledge in order to be able to complete it well, such as translation companies scattered in all countries of the world that provide translation services such as translation services companies in Dubai or in Egypt, France, Germany…etc.

Now, we move to the importance of the translation process:

  1. Ease of transferring information and civilizations around the world between different peoples withvarious languages.
  2. Translation helps in stimulating tourism in countries because it serves the tourist and provides him with all the instructions he needs in his own language.
  3. Translation provides job opportunities for graduates of language faculties and thus helps reduce unemployment.
  4. Translation, in particular, helps students of scientific research, as it opens up to them many sources and references from different languages, facilitating their scientific research.
  5. Helps in learing about new cultures by watching movies and series and listening to songs from other communities.
  6. Translation also plays an important role in religious doctrines, as it is a good medium in the discussion of the divine books of various religions.
  7. It is also an important meanto food, as translation helps international food companies such as Kentucky, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nestle and other companies that can sell their products to customers in different languages around the world through translation.

As we have seen the critical importance of the translation process, we have to know the stages or processes that take place in order to finally get a professionally translated text.

Translation Process Mechanisms:

The translation of texts is usually done in two methods, machine translation of texts or traditional or standard translation of texts.

  • Machine Translation: In this method, texts are translated automatically or programmatically, in which a person uses specialized programs and applications to obtain the required translation.
  • Traditional Translation: In this method, it is preferable for the person to take experience in translation company Dubai to be acquantaedwith the basics and rules of the correct translation, as he takes up the text and translates it according to those rules. The translator must also be familiar with the field of text he is translating, and in this way it is preferable to resort to specialized companies such as companies that provide translation services in Dubai or in any country in which you reside.

This method takes more time and effort than the translator because it depends entirely on the translator’s experience and knowledge of his specialization.

Translation Process Steps:

In order for the translation process to be carried out correctly and professionally, there are steps that must be followed and adhered to in order to obtain a correct translated text, which are:

  • Read the text to be translated so that the translator can understand it in general.
  • Observe the rules and foundations of translation.
  • Determine the terms and phrases that are not clear to the translator so that he can extract them, search for them, and translate them in a context appropriate to the text without harming it.
  • Start the translation process, taking into account some points, such as determining the beginnings and endings of sentences, maintaining the punctuation marks in their correct places, ensuring that the words are formulated and selected well in a way that suits the text and the language being translated into.
  • Read the text again and look for spelling, grammatical and expressive errors to paraphrase again.

As we mentioned previously, the importance of the translation process, we must also mention the defects and problems that a person who wants to translate a text may face.

Translation Problems and Disadvantages:

  • Change in the original text by the translator and translating it inaccurately, which results in other problems. This error can be avoided by choosing the appropriate place for translation, such as companies that provide translation services in Dubai or companies affiliated with the country in which you reside.
  • The different foundations and rules of languages around the world, which constitutes a difficulty for the translator and may lead to an imbalance in the translated text and its incorrect translation.
  • The presence of many synonyms for one word in the language, and therefore this requires sufficient experience from the translator to avoid errors during the translation process.
  • There is a great difference between the cultures of countries around the world. A translator can translate a word or a sentence, but he cannot translate an entire culture of the country.

In order for any legal translator in Dubai to avoid making these errors, he must consider the following:

  • Full mastery of the languages he translates from and into, with an attempt to understand the language’s details and gaps.
  • Taking into account calmness when translating and choosing the appropriate atmosphere that helps him clear his mind.
  • The translator has to be broadly educated and constantly acquainted with the cultures of other countries, and specialized translation offices around the world provide translators with sufficient culture, such as translation services offices in Dubai, Cairo, London.
  • Resort to the means of assistance when needed, and these means are (the Internet, dictionaries, the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the field…).

At conclusion, the science of translation is a sea without a coastline, and it needs thousands of articles and hundreds of volumes to talk about it and narrate its importance between the past, the present and the future.