How does mattress recycling help save the planet?

Anything you waste or leave behind is not good for the planet. Plastic isn’t good for the planet, but we continue to use it irresponsibly. Have you ever thought about the little things you can do for the planet? Mattress recycling is one of them. Everyone has heard about plastic and paper recycling, but this one is garnering as much attention. 

Mattress recycling may seem like a new concept to you, but it is fairly common for people in Canada. When something isn’t needed, it goes straight to the landfills. Landfills have reached their capacity and can’t accept more ‘unwanted’ things. 

Just give it a thought once – How many beds do Canadians discard every year? The number is considerable. Where do these discarded beds and mattresses go? They end up in landfills/dumpsters. 

Is that a good thing to do? Well, the mattresses get rotten, bugs start living inside and outside, and it also gets damp. This could give rise to sanitation issues and diseases. It’s not good for the cities. 

Thus, mattress recycling is a good initiative. It’s not just good for the planet, but also for people who are in need of these mattresses. 

The problem with mattresses in the landfills is: 

  • Most of the mattresses are non-biodegradable, hence they could take space in the landfills for decades.
  • Chemicals can ooze out from the mattresses and reach the groundwater and soil. Is that safe? The answer is a firm NO. 
  • When you dump mattresses, they take up a lot of space. These might encroach on the space of animals and other human beings. 

Think of the future – the space can be utilized for new hospitals, schools, colleges, animal habitats, and other relevant things. 

Why should the mattress take up all the space on the land? 

What’s mattress recycling anyway? 

Mattress recycling procedure when the bed parts are dismantled, recycled and reused. 

There are organizations like Recyc-Matelas who are PROS in this procedure. You can donate your old mattresses and let them handle the job. 

Your mattresses don’t belong to landfills; thus, you should contact the right people. All you have to do is sleep tight, the rest of the job is handled by Recyc-Matelas. 

Reselling is an option, but there is no guarantee of whether the buyer will recycle/reuse it or throw the mattress in a landfill. 

If you are living in Canada, here’s your chance to give it for recycling. That’s a wise thing to do!