Business Mood Board Plans: What Do You Have?

When you want a change of scenery, whether after a move or the arrival of a new child, you flip through magazines, mark pages, or scan the internet for ideas. It is very easy to disperse, especially on the internet. So we need a certain discipline if we want to see our projects succeed.Always looking for new ideas to make life easier, discover a site that offers a free online tool. Very easy to use, it brings together n bones ideas in the same place as board trend. To create mood board you need to be precise.

What Is A Trend Board?

If you have ever hired an interior designer, he or she has surely given you one or more inspiration boards. It is a support on which all the elements necessary for the realization of the project are gathered.

Capture the Atmosphere

These decorative inspirations will make it possible to determine atmospheres. By associating objects, colors, textures we will set the tone of the room. Whether it is a Zen, vintage, industrial, modern atmosphere or graphic, natural, baroque, romantic we can also take inspiration from a photo that we particularly like and decline its colors and what it evokes to us. This research work is really fun but can take a little time. It’s time to let go of your creativity and emotions.

For the realization, several possibilities:

  • By hand, cutting and pasting the images on a sheet (preferably A3).
  • If you don’t have a color chart, get samples from the paint department of DIY stores.
  • Online, with the tool available to you free of charge

A Simple and Effective Online Tool

Ultra easy to use, this tool gives you access to several catalogs (Ikea, Leroy Merlin, etc.). You can choose the images from their databases, on your computer or directly on the internet. Just click on the objects, then position and resize the images. You have the possibility to add text, modify the background color, etc. There comes Foyr Neo with the smartest solutions.

Why Would You Want To Create A Mood Board? Who Is This Work For?

Faced with the multitude of possibilities, choice of materials, different styles, you cannot make up your mind and fear you are going wrong. Lack of idea or time, it is impossible for you to imagine your future interior. Your decorator will be able to find inspiration and decorating ideas suited to your project while studying its feasibility. The presentation of samples and the elaboration of sketches will reassure you before making any decision.The design of a board is aimed at anyone wishing to be helped or reinforced in their choice of decoration or renovation.

The mood board will reflect a style, a decorative spirit. Virtual visualization of the layout of the elements will help to project oneself in its new decoration. You will be able to move on to the transformation stage with serenity and pleasure.

The mood board produced by the decorator will be designed using photography software such as Photoshop or quite simply by assembling photos cut from magazines. Regardless of the production techniques, the main thing is to obtain a harmonious and readable composition. Some images “work” together, others don’t. The work is complex and meticulous.