Why Do CrossFit Accessory WODS Matter?

Before we compare how you train to how you should train, let’s define what it means to train for life and use functional movements. Life is not like a barbell with two equal sides that are perfectly balanced. Also, not everything in your life fits neatly into a square box that you can lift and work out in.

What does this have to do with anything? Keep on reading. CrossFit athletes can get much stronger by training and doing “accessory lifts.” These lifts put stress on the body from different angles and stimulate different parts of the body than a traditional barbell lift. To learn more about accessory WODS for CrossFit, keep reading.

Accessories Training and the Limits of Physical Wear

Not to say that traditional lifts aren’t useful; they are, and you should keep using them. Even if something is great, it could still have bad results. One problem with training only with these basic lifts and not doing any other lifts is that it can make your body tired. If an athlete puts a heavy barbell on their joints over and over again, it can and will start to damage them.

Athletes can train harder and take pressure off a joint by using accessories. They can be used in many different ways and help get more things done. Accessories help you get the most out of your workout and keep things new and fresh.

Classic Exercises vs. WODS as Supplements for Training

There are two main types of strength training. We’ll use the squat as an example. You can train in two basic ways: with “accessory lifts” or with “traditional lifts.”

If an athlete only does traditional exercises, they will get stronger, but they will always be working the same muscles, which will limit their potential.

When doing back squats, if an athlete falls forward, it’s likely because their back isn’t strong enough to hold the weight they’re trying to lift. Think about an athlete who always falls forward after a squat and works to strengthen their back so their chest stays up and they don’t fall forward again.

Athletes can work on the muscles they need to stay in the right position during a squat by adding accessory exercises to their training.

Where Do I Find Crossfit Accessory WODS?

Finding a Crossfit accessory WODS is now easier than ever. Performance Plus has a number of WODS that can help you find balance and improve your performance. Our programs for mobility, gymnastics, strength, and endurance can be rented by the month. We offer memberships for one month, one year, or six months so that every athlete can join. If you don’t want to commit to a program just yet, you can buy our routines on their own.

You want to make sure that the Crossfit Accessory WODS you choose will both push you and keep you safe. It’s important to sign up for programs that are run by experts from reputable companies. Get in touch with Performance Plus to find out what we can do for you.