Seven steps to creating a webinar


Presenting a webinar requires many moving pieces, so sometimes, planning for marketing is an afterthought. It is especially challenging to make a case for marketing if the webinar was not ideated to bring in leads under Webinar marketing.


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Steps to creating a webinar:

Choose and explore a topic for your webinar.

First, your topic requires it to be within your field or expertise. People will want to appear in your webinar if they know you’re some form of authority with your expertise in Webinar marketing. If you are set on a subject matter on which you are not an authority, analyze inviting a guest speaker who is experienced.

Choose a webinar layout.

When assembling a webinar, you have five main webinar layout options. Your choice will be based on topics, expertise, personal preference, availability of relevant guest addressers, technological restrictions, or your confidence to host and present a webinar virtually under Webinar marketing.

Expert speaker

One expert presenter teaches the audience about the point, supported by levels of slides or other multimedia matter. If you don’t feel confident exhibiting (alone), you can bring the help of another speaker or a co-host under webinar marketing services.


The interview format operates particularly well when you are not a specialist on the subject matter. You can host the webinar and ask queries of a guest expert. This webinar cheered the audience to interrupt with their questions, making the event more engaging under Webinar marketing.

Panel analysis

A panel analysis involves at least two expert speakers and a moderator. It is a great webinar layout that can get very dynamic. It is your best option if you want to highlight different and contrary opinions or perspectives under webinar marketing services.

Your webinar platform should allow multiple speakers. Or your workplace should be large enough to integrate all speakers with separate microphones and proper lighting. Acknowledge the added logistics and equipment.

Product demo

Promoting your product is also an excellent opportunity to generate a webinar under webinar marketing services. Make sure not to change your webinar into a sales frequency. Your audience requires to get something inattentive.

Display them how they can make their lives superior with your product. Make sure to display your product on camera or screen sharing if your product is a software application under Webinar marketing.

Put your team well-organized

Generating a webinar is always well-organized. Sure, you can do it singly. But your webinar and your viewer will always gain from a joint effort between a developer, a host/presenter, a technical assistant, guest speakers, and designers, especially when looking for a more significant customer under Webinar marketing.

The number of team members you engage and how you assign tasks will depend on the size and nature of your webinar. For example, the organizer will guide the project, promote the webinar, and develop the content.

Structure your webinar

There are no complex rules here. It all relies on your topic and audience engagement under webinar marketing services. Most webinars execute between 30 and 60 minutes. The presentation takes 30-45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of interactions with the audience.

You can get innovative here, but most webinars are organized as follows:

  • Welcome

While guests are joining, you can welcome your buyer, especially if you have a smaller buyer. It attracts your buyer from the get-go, and they will be less inclined to leave in the middle. It’s excellent practice to acknowledge the presence of individual guests by naming them and thanking them for joining under webinar marketing services.

  • Intro

Establish by introducing yourself, your company, and your guest spokesperson. Introduce your subject matter and the issue you want to solve, tell the buyer why you are organizing a webinar around this subject matter, and tell them what’s in it under Webinar marketing.

Clearly express why it’s good for them to have joined the webinar and why they should join around until the end.

  • Presentation

It is the body of your webinar, where you deliver your presentations or analysis, illustrated with polls or other multimedia material under Webinar marketing.

  • Conclusion

It is the outcome of your webinar, where you deliver on promises made in the introduction.

  • Q&A

It is where you fill up any holes in the attendee’s understanding and seize the opportunity to promote your topic or product further in a more personalized way under Webinar marketing.

Have a few questions you compiled from your social media mediums in advance or that you think might be absorbing to your audience, in case your audience requires a recharge in the Q&A under webinar marketing services.