How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior?

If there is one important thing that every business must consider, it is marketing. It can either develop or lose your brand. Advertising or marketing is an integral part of a business that comes in many forms. Others utilize the traditional media–TV, radio, and print, while others focus their promotional efforts on social media. But there is one marketing strategy that most businesses fail to take advantage of–packaging.

Packaging in itself is already a form of marketing tool. The packaging color, quality, wrapper, design, and other characteristics contribute to a brand’s image. Every detail must be intricately incorporated into how you want customers to view your product. These factors are selling proposition that conveys how one brand is different from its competitors. Packaging can also stimulate a customer’s buying impulse. The better the packaging, the higher the chances people would want to try your product.

These specific reasons are just some things to consider when planning for your product’s packaging. You must maintain brand consistency while making sure to attract more potential customers.

You have to note many considerations before you create your brand’s packaging. And one of those factors is the material you are going to use. It is no longer news that almost everyone is trying their best to use zero to minimal plastic waste. Because of this, many companies are seeking new materials. One of the most popular packaging materials is kraft paper bags with handles.

This is an excellent alternative to plastic bags. By using this material, you can easily stamp your logo into the paper bag. Another good thing about this type of packaging is that it looks aesthetically pleasing, unlike plastic which looks unsophisticated and ordinary.

Another packaging material that is slowly becoming more common these days is foil packaging. This type of packaging is usually used for food since it is created from aluminum foil. And for food, aluminum foil can help prevent the migration of moisture, oxygen, and other gases, keeping the quality of the food. Moreover, foil is recyclable dissimilar to plastic, which takes about 20-500 years to decompose.

There are more factors that you should note to ensure that your packaging will speak for your brand. So if you want to know more about these things, you can try reading this infographic created by Bagitan.