Everything you need to know about how to register a company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is frequently referred to as Asia’s best market because it is the most well-liked travel and business destination and has attracted many businesses throughout the years. As the top provider of Hong Kong Company Incorporation Services, 3E Accounting Hong Kong is aware of this popularity and provides excellent solutions at competitive pricing for companies wishing to expand there. Due to Hong Kong’s long history as a significant commercial and trading hub for both Asia and the rest of the world, 3E Accounting gives you the flexibility and reliability to enter this market. But why Hong Kong?

Benefits of Hong Kong Incorporation

  • Hong Kong offers incentives to start a business as well as a legal system for forming corporations.
  • A global investor can participate in the global market.
  • There are no restrictions on incorporating a business in Hong Kong for its market.
  • Hong Kong offers both a straightforward tax structure and low tax rates.

Authorities and basic requirements

The regulatory bodies are the Hong Kong Office for Business Registration, the Trade Marks Registry, and the Companies Registry. A limited company’s directors, shareholders, significant controllers register, designative representation, company secretary, share capital, registered address, public information, taxation, annual compliance requirement, and government fees are some of the fundamental requirements for registering a company in Hong Kong. Along with this, they have also outlined in depth the other conditions and data needed to understand more about Hong Kong company registration. It is a guide that outlines the paperwork needed to establish your business, how to go about doing so, how to choose a professional accounting firm to handle company registration and other frequently asked questions.

Basic Documents required

Registering company in Hong Kongrequires the following documents.

The articles of Association of the company

  • A Notice to Business Registration Office (IRBR1)
  • A completed company incorporation form with the following information: Company name, Registered company Hong Kong address, Proposed business activities description, Details of director(s), shareholder(s) and company secretary, Member’s liability, Share capital register on company incorporation and Number of shares subscribed by the subscribers.
  • Information required for non-resident director(s) and shareholder(s): Passport copy and Proof of overseas residential address.
  • Information required for resident director(s) and shareholder(s): Hong Kong identity card copy and Proof of residential address copy
  • Information required for corporate director(s) and shareholder(s): Parent company registration documents copy (i.e. Company Incorporation Certificate and Articles of Association)

Process for incorporating a company

  • Incorporating a company at the Hong Kong Companies Registry is simple, rapid, and can be done in one of three ways:
  • The 24 hour portal e-registry has an online application that you can use to register.

through “CR e-Filing,” which can be downloaded for free on your phone through Google Play or the App Store.

  • by providing the CR with hard copies of the necessary documentation. (Online processing is much quicker and takes about an hour, however processing physical copies may take up to 4 days.)

Hong Kong company formation is best suited for those who have just started new businesses. Since it has shown a new path for many businesses registering in Hong Kong is the right option.