6 ways to do Keyword Research for SEO Success  

Keyword research is a vital component in SEO techniques in 2022.

Discovering what new trends users are looking for now sets the foundations for youtube visible online, which is key to gathering leads and improving conversion rates.

Here are 6 ways to conduct keyword research to improve your online visibility

SEO and PPC depend on keywords research, and continual analysis of trends is also of paramount importance.

So getting your keyword research right from the beginning will set you on the right path.

However, if it was super simple, everyone would be doing it, and various methods can get you the right results.

So let’s take a look at these 6 methods.

Keyword research methods

There are many ways to approach keyword research, but the best way to get a good variation is to find different ways to gather them.

The trick in 2022 for small to medium-size businesses isn’t about looking for the highest traffic phrases. It’s to find what combines three key elements, user intent, competition and volume.

Keyword research – Bulk 

The ethos behind this is to generate as many keywords as possible and study their variations, combinations and differing phrases.

With this in mind, you don’t want to over complicate matters and end up with a massive list that will confuse you as to the best direction to head in. You want clear, refined, identified terms with low competition and a decent search volume.

But of course, you don’t just want to end this process with a massive list of all possible keywords. You want to be able to refine that list down by identifying the terms with low competition and high search volume.

So when using a search tool, It needs to help you with alternative key phrases and identify who’s searching for what as trends do change.

Keyword research on your competitors

Your competition is not only your competition but can be your best friend and give you inspiration.

You can see clearly what they are ranking for and what you are not, and you can also find gaps in their strategies.

But the most important aspect is showing you the keywords that are bringing the bulk of traffic to their site.

Clearly, seeing what strategies work within your industry is a great way to start your planning, and finding the right SEO services is the best way to achieve this.

Crowd sourcing keywords

The overriding idea behind this is establishing who is searching for what right now.

Crowd sourcing keywords are the best way to start. Here can also give you content marketing information and ideas. You may also find alternative keyword opportunities that may have illuded you before.

Reddit is an excellent platform to start with as people group together to talk about specific subjects. See if any of these relate to your industry and work out the following keywords.

These topics on Reddit are vast and cover almost everything from jewellery to investments and rare earth metals.

Of course, you can always use other forums on Facebook and what your competitors are focusing on by searching through their websites or blogs. But try not to spend too much time on their websites or click though, as that helps their rankings.

Long-tail keyword research

Long-tail keywords usually have a lower search volume, but this is good. You do not want to be taking on a company targeting specific keywords that has three times your marketing budget. 

These also come with less difficulty to rank and rank quickly and highly with less effort.

The other main benefit of long-tail keywords is they are specific and can relate better to your services and products, and you can target them easier.

These are also helpful for your content marketing. When you find a cluster of similar keywords, it can assist your article writing.

Use SERPs for keyword ideas

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can be your best friend when finding keyphrases, and there is more than one way to do it.

Use Autocomplete to find your keywords

Autocomplete happens when we search every day online but sometimes don’t realise how helpful that is when devising an SEO strategy to suggest keywords.

You must understand that Google assists you based on what users are constantly typing and searching for; always follow the trends.

The auto complete keywords are gathered across many websites around the world and not just on Google’s platform. Bing and YouYube are also helpful for you in this instance.

Trending keywords

As part of your keyword research, it is essential to identify what is gaining in popularity.

When you are using a research tool such as SEMRush, the volume is calculated on the average number of searches conducted over a period of time. But this can be invaluable to your final decisions. 

Tip: Try to identify keyphrases that had high volumes but have started to decline, don’t jump on the same bandwagon

Therefore, look for the low-volume keywords that are starting to gain traffic and focus on them. Start blogging and writing articles targeting these keywords as mentioned above. It is an easier and quicker way to get ranked. 

Then once that term has become popular, you have already created sufficient backlinks. As long as you keep working at it, you’ll keep yourself ahead of the pack.


Keywords are essential to your success in 2022 and beyond. Still, the best advice for any company on a budget is not to target keywords that much bigger companies have already been targeting for a longer time. There are plenty of analytical tools out there that can assist you in finding a way around that. Just follow trends and be ahead of the market, and you’ll find sufficient rankings to increase your inbound leads this year. Good luck. Here’s to your success in 2022.