Why Now is the Right Time to Reassess your Odor and Dust Control Strategy

While your company has an odor and dust control strategy in place, the question remains, is it efficient? The truth is, you can only eliminate the health risks of bad odor and dust in your business with a powerful suppression technique. For this reason, you need to reevaluate your dust and odor control strategy that delivers many benefits. One benefit of having the right strategy is you’ll adopt solid suppression tactics and tools that use resources economically. The chances of dust and foul odor-related diseases in your business will decrease considerably. Also, you’ll comply with environmental and employee safety rules, avoiding heavy fines and penalties. But these are just a fraction of why you need to reassess your dust and odor suppression methods. Let’s dive deeper to help you understand why it’s urgent to upgrade your anti-dust and foul odor strategy. 

Modern dust and odor control techniques take suppression to the next level

The modern anti-dust and odor control techniques like those in save on cost and simplify compliance with regulations. For example, modern anti-dust and odor control systems like misting cannons use atomized mist technology that innovates suppression in the following ways: 

They leverage tiny water droplets that are perfect at airborne suppression 

The atomized mist technology converts water particles into fine droplets using specially-designed nozzles, powerful pumps, and fans. The thing is, the water droplets you use must be roughly similar in size to the airborne dust particles. Otherwise, the Slipstream Effect will occur to prevent effective dust control.

Misting cannons can control foul odor, surface dust, airborne, and fugitive dust simultaneously 

These systems break water particles into just the right size to drop airborne particles and seal the ground to prevent fugitive dust. That way, you prevent foul odor and different types of dust at once, saving you money on investing in multiple suppression strategies. Unlike sprinklers and hoses, misting cannons use water sparingly to reduce costs in your odor and dust control strategy. As a result, they are worth considering as part of your dust suppression techniques

Traditional dust and odor control methods are not fully effective

For years, businesses have been using sprinklers and hose pipes to suppress dust and bad odor in their facilities. These methods suppress dust effectively on the surface, but they use a lot of water to wet the ground. As a result, they increase the cost of controlling dust in your company. Wet grounds also risk slipping and falling, making it dangerous for employees. They even cause mud that can hinder vehicle movement in your facility. Generally, sprinklers and hose pipes are suitable for other purposes like irrigation and putting out fires. If you use them to control dust and foul odor, your suppression strategy will be partially effective.

It’s crucial that you leverage new dust and odor control tactics in your company. In doing so, you’ll avoid spending more on methods that don’t work effectively. Use modern methods like dust collectors and misting cannons depending on the type and size of dust you’re fighting in your company.