Why can’t you register on Zineera without a code

On January 3, 2022, Zineera announced that from that moment it will be possible to register on the platform only with an invitation code. The news was greeted in two ways. Already registered users appreciated this action of the company, because since the opening of the exchange there has been an influx of traders from all over the world. Investors who were just familiarizing themselves with Zineera and learning more about it were saddened by the news. 

The platform has been open for just over five years and until 2022 anyone could register by getting a code from the support team. With each year of its existence, Zineera was gaining more and more sympathy among traders. The company was constantly developing, offering a large variety of modern tools for trading, supplementing the news section, and even organized training for beginner traders. Over time, the company had to make the difficult decision to shut down free registration. This was done to prevent possible site failures and provide a quick response from technical support. Support is now available around the clock and responds instantly to user queries. At the moment, you can only get an invitation from an affiliate program member who has an account on the platform. 

Those who have become owners of the cherished code are delighted with the work of the platform. Zineera has everything you need to make analysis and comfortable trading, from a trading license and training materials, to fast withdrawal of funds and no hidden fees.

In reviews, you can find the opinion that with the introduction of new restrictions, the work of the Zineera has become more qualitative. Employees, on the other hand, say their approach has not changed and they have always emphasized individuality and development.