Why are music and food festivals a big part of Melbourne’s summer culture?

What makes Melbourne the cultural capital of Australia?

Melbourne is one of the most culturally awakened cities in the world. Its diverse culture and friendly nature make it a desirable city to live in. The city all year round is constantly active with event after event. No matter where your interests lie, there’s always an event that will be of interest to someone.

Melbourne is the city of great coffee, delicious food, and live music. The city is well known for its vibrant nightlife, multi-cuisine restaurants and thriving performing arts scene. Whether you’re into live music, food, culture, shopping or just want to go laneway hunting, Melbourne really has it all.

Why do Melbournians love music and food festivals?

In Melbourne, you’ll find everything from beachside cafes to rooftop bars to art galleries to museums. However, at festivals, food trucks in Melbourne are a popular addition to some of the city’s biggest events. Pair that with live music, and you’ve got yourself a classic, adored Melbourne music & food event.

Melbourne is as diverse as it is unique. The city has a rich history, with an ever-evolving cultural scene. With Australia’s most engaging culture, the food & music activity in Melbourne is one of the most dynamic in the world.

Melbournians are not just rich in creativity and culture, and they are also great hosts and love showing outsiders what their exciting city has to offer.

Melbourne hosts numerous live music performances and food events monthly. The music scene showcases world-famous artists to, local musicians to up-and-comers playing intimate mid-week gigs.

To complement this, Melbourne is also known as the food capital of Australia. As a foodie town, Melbourne relishes in food markets & events on a monthly basis. If a particular event doesn’t spark your interest, you can always turn to the thousands of restaurants that occupy the city.

This summer, Hello Sunshine is bringing it all to one destination. Some of Melbourne’s most exciting food truck varieties will occupy the Caribbean Gardens in convenient locations for your friends and family to indulge. While you’re assessing the food truck menus, you’ll be serenated by some of Australia’s most internationally recognised artists. In February, Hello Sunshine is bringing Melbourne’s love for food and live music to life.

But why is Melbourne’s affinity for food and music festivals such a big part of the city’s culture?

It’s undoubtedly the best city in the country for it!

That’s right: Melbourne beats Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane when it comes to the number of live music venues per capita. According to a 2017 report, there are more live music venues per capita in Melbourne than in any other city on Earth.

Hello Sunshine is not disappointing, with our elite lineup of artists like Amy Shark, The Cat Empire, Murray, Cadence, 360, Pierce Brothers, and Yo! Mafia and other local artists will perform at Hello Sunshine Festival.

Hello Sunshine is one of the most exciting upcoming music and food festivals in Melbourne this February. Proving to be the perfect summer’s day event to experience with your friends and family.

Enjoy the last month of summer 2023 at Hello Sunshine, a one-day music and food festival at the iconic Caribbean Gardens in Melbourne.