These 6 Branding Services Will Knock Your Business Out of The Park

Last month I was speaking to a group of CEO’s and they all wanted my input on the best branding strategy services they could employ to build their personal, CEO, and business brands. The most common comments included:  

    • “I am confused by the various vendors offering these services.” 
    • “I’ve hired people before and been disappointed in the results.” 
    • “I’m not sure how to determine which of these services are right for our company.” 

These leaders are not alone in their search. Building a business or personal brand is more complicated than one would think. While every business (or CEO) already has an existing brand, in many cases they have been created by default rather than by design. 

Creating a brand by design requires a razor-sharp strategic effort, usually involving a degree of outside assistance. But branding services firms are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are 5 distinct types of branding services you can engage to help move the needle on your brand. 

#1. Roadmap Masters. For those seeking a rock-solid strategy for thought and industry leadership, these brand strategists excel at assessing your current brand and designing the best timeline and tactical path forward. 

#2. Design Demons. If you need well-designed brand collateral (websites, slide decks, and media kits, etc.) you can win big utilizing the services of a graphic designer or visual artist. Often known as brand identity firms, these companies can help you create the logo, colors, fonts, and overall look of your brand. 

#3. Funnel Fillers. If you are looking to up-level your potential client outreach, Internet (or online) marketing firms may be the perfect solution. These companies use web advertising, keyword search, Google AdWords and other social media efforts (i.e., Facebook marketing, LinkedIn campaigns, etc.) to effectively create an online funnel that makes it easier for potential clients to find and hire you. 

#4. Media Marvels. Businesses that are seeking the use of traditional PR to build their personal or business brand can find Media or Public Relations firms a strong support in meeting their goals. The best one’s handle everything from press releases and media kits to pitching producers and placing stories on radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and online. 

#5. Social Media Managers. Many CEOs know they need to be creating consistent, on brand, quality content for their personal and company social media. The right social media management firm can take this off the company plate and ensure spot on posting is put in place. 

#6. One-Stop Shops. Does your business desire a stronger brand strategy – but lacks the time, or talent inhouse, to implement it? Full-service agencies and brand management firms can get you up to speed quickly and easily. 

Engaging the type of branding services firm that best matches your needs and goals can help you effectively and efficiently, move the needle on your brand. Get it right and you might just be the center of attention at the next CEO conference you attend.