The Top Five Reasons No One Wants Your House (And How to Sell It Anyway)

I know, most of these don’t make sense. But that’s just how the market works. If you want to sell your Phoenix house for cash in the traditional market, you’re going to have to deal with traditional buyers. And traditional buyers want perfection. Here are five things they DON’T want:

No Trend Relevance. Your home might be undesirable due to a simple choice like wallpaper color or living room furniture style. Trends are ever-shifting and constantly relevant in the real estate world, and keeping your house up-to-date means paying lots of attention and lots of cash. Decor that’s out of style could be the difference between a buyer clicking on your listing and scrolling hurriedly away. If your Phoenix home is cluttered, belongs to a hoarder, or is just badly staged, its prospects on the traditional market are less than ideal.

Pets. You can spend all the cash you want on air fresheners, but the smell of cats isn’t one that’s easily conquered.

Mold. If your walls have mold growth on the outside or even within the structure, it makes buyers concerned about the overall cash value and safety of your house. Mold typically builds up in humid areas of the home, like the bathrooms. Make sure to turn your vents on when you’re taking a long shower or bath, or mold will start to creep into the corners of your Phoenix house and decrease its cash value.

Poor Construction. It’s not your fault that architects sometimes make mistakes. Architects can create unsellable flaws in your home in dozens of ways. The most obvious are their choices of architecture and their construction of your foundation. Addressing these issues in your house will cost you a lot of money, with no guarantee that you’ll receive a profit once you sell.

Maintenance Issues. Whether your home has been through a fire, sustained storm damage, or is simply a little older, maintaining its appearance and all the little details that a potential buyer notices is exhausting and expensive.

Nobody wants to deal with all these thoughts running around in their head, especially if you’re wanting to sell your Phoenix house fast for cash. A cash home buyer might be the answer to your dilemma. Joe Homebuyer offers a ten-minute cash estimate and a seven-day close for any house, no matter the condition. Do what you thought was impossible with ease and say goodbye to your unwanted listing with Joe Homebuyer.

Joe Homebuyer offers a ten-minute cash estimate and a seven-day close for any house, no matter the condition. Get cash for your Phoenix house .