Nan Chul Shin is considered to be one of Hawaii’s top contractors

Nan Inc. is one of Hawaii’s major general contractors, and it is also one of the state’s largest locally owned and run businesses. For the last thirty years, they have been offering construction services in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the surrounding parts of the island. The firm has earned a reputation for providing high-quality construction services, and it has the resources, skills, and ability to handle a wide range of construction projects while meeting strict deadlines and staying under budget. Although it began with a single office in Hawaii, the company now has offices in Guam, Maui, and Oahu in addition to the original location. It has also won multiple awards for successfully completing some of the most significant projects in Hawaii’s recent history.

The most essential thing to remember is that none of this would have been possible if Nan Chul Shin had not been so dedicated and persistent in his efforts. Who exactly is he? As the creator and owner of Nan Inc., he has committed himself to making a positive contribution to Hawaii’s future while also ensuring the success of his firm. He has succeeded to achieve both of his objectives, but not without a lot of difficulty. Because he is now known by the name Patrick Shin, he may not be readily recognised by the general public. When he emigrated to the United States from South Korea, he changed his identity to realise a lifetime desire of becoming a doctor.

He was working with his brother in their fishing company in New York when he was offered a football scholarship that allowed him to attend Bowling Green State University. He accepted the scholarship and went on to play football for the Falcons. After completing his business administration degree, Patrick Shin worked for a construction firm in Hawaii for two years before returning to school. When he departed, he said that he intended to start his own business, and that is precisely what he accomplished. As a result, Nan Inc. was founded in 1990, but this was just the beginning of the company’s success. When Nan Chul Shin first began out, he just had one person at his side, and they were given very minor projects to do to begin with.

However, it was the following three decades that made all the difference, and now, Nan Inc. employs more than 500 individuals in various capacities. Patrick Shin, on the other hand, has risen to become one of the most successful contractors in Hawaii, and it is all because he refuses to give up. He was tenacious and did not make any concessions in terms of quality while working on any assignment, no matter how large or little. As a result of his willingness to take on both minor initiatives like installing a road sign and large-scale projects like developing hotels, he has amassed considerable success and notoriety.