How to take care of different wardrobes in your house?

We keep filling our wardrobes with all sorts of goodies we collect throughout the years.  A clutter-free, clean and organized wardrobe makes life easier.  But for most of us, a wardrobe is jam-packed with different stuff.  Taking care of your wardrobe is also an essential task, and it doesn’t mean only decluttering and reorganizing your stuff inside.  It is essential to think about your wardrobe as well.  If you want your clothes to be clean and fresh, you need to maintain your wardrobe clean from the inside out.  Surely, keeping anything clean is a tricky task, and the same thing also applies to different wardrobes in your house.

Let’s have a look at some ways to take good care of your wardrobe inside out and maintain a clutter-free and odourless wardrobe-

Basic rules to follow –

  • Remove every single item from your wardrobe– take out all the stuff from your wardrobe. Till your wardrobe cleaning completes from inside out, you can keep sorting the stuff, remove unnecessary clothes that don’t fit, clothes that need a wash or iron, etc.
  • Get the right cleaning tools and follow the right cleaning methods- wardrobes are made up of different materials like wooden, steel, high gloss, etc. Also, sliding wardrobe designs, aluminum doors, wardrobe doors featuring leather and mirrored wardrobes, etc., need to be cleaned with precision.  Therefore, you need to select the method and cleaning products according to material type.
  • Spot clean the wardrobe- try to deal with stains immediately. You can use a detergent, soap, or cleanser depending on the material of your wardrobe.  Stains caused by dust accumulated or spills, etc., need to be cleaned immediately as they can cause dry and glossy stains that can be hard to deal with.
  • Dealing with moths- Sweat, body oil left on clothing can attract moths. Even in a closet of very clean cloths, just the leftover scents can be enough for molds to settle over.  Try to keep your wardrobes well-ventilated.  Hanging small cloth bags filled with dried rosemary or cloves, camphor, lavender, or bay leaves in your wardrobe or your drawers can keep molds at bay.  Such bags will also freshen up your wardrobe and will keep your wardrobe aromatic.  Also, an essential oil diffuser can be of great help to repel moths.
  • Wardrobe organization- No matter what kind of wardrobe you have, try to follow good practices of cleaning, folding, and storing clothes. You can use cloth organizers to keep clothes neatly.  Use good quality hangers to hang clothes that need free flow.  Place the clothes at the right points as it will not make your wardrobe a big mess.
  • Cleaning wardrobes- depending on the material of the wardrobe, door types, you need to choose methods and cleaning products to remove dust, stains and freshen up your wardrobe.
  • A Wooden almirah
  • A microfibre cloth- the task of keeping your wardrobe clean can be very easy with a soft microfibre cloth. Just a wipe using a soft microfibre cloth helps remove all dust easily without any scratches on the surface.
  • White vinegar- for dusty and dirty wooden wardrobes, white vinegar can work wonders. Give your wardrobe a clean wipe with some white vinegar onto the cleaning cloth, including all drawers, shelves, corners and edges, and doors from both inside and outside.  You can use a cotton swab to clean hard-to-reach spots.  Wipe again with water to clear off, and then wipe everything dry.  Leave bowls filled with white vinegar in the corners of your wardrobe for a few hours with doors closed.  This will odour-free, clean and fresh wardrobe.
  • Avoid abrasive sponge- Never use an abrasive sponge to clean your wooden almirah; it can cause scratches.
  • Never allow moisture to remain on your wardrobe- Completely dry the area using a dry cloth. Leaving moisture or water contents on a wooden surface can damage the wooden surface.
  • Never rub- while cleaning a wooden wardrobe, use gentle circular motions. Do not rub the surface at all.  To deal with sticky dirt, apply a mild household cleaning agent and wipe gently and dry it out.
  • Do not forget to clean accessories on your wardrobes-Hardware accessories, including locks, hinges, knobs, handles, etc., also need to be cleaned and maintained well for efficient working. Wipe hardware accessories using a soft and dry cloth.  Avoid chemical cleaners or acidic liquid as it can cause corrosion sometimes.
  • High gloss wardrobe designs

A feather duster can work well for high gloss wardrobes to remove any dust.  A microfiber cloth with a little soapy water can be used to deal with finger marks or sticky patches.  Never apply too much pressure as it can cause damage. Also, wipe any kind of spills, etc., right away to avoid stains.

  • Mirrored wardrobes– To clean the mirrored wardrobes, you can use conventional window cleaning solutions and paper instead of cloth to clean stains. White vinegar with water can also work well to remove smears.  Never use white vinegar on frames or moving parts as it can cause corrosion.
  • Sliding doors- If you have sliding wardrobe designs, they actually need very less maintenance. Try to keep the bottom rack of your wardrobe clear to avoid any disturbances in the gliding movement of your sliding doors.  Use the nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove debris and dirt from the bottom rail to ensure the free motion of sliding doors.
  • Make it a routine: Give your wardrobes a good dry wipe at least once in a week. Use a feather duster to remove day-to-day dust accumulation.  If dust or stains get settled on your wardrobe, it becomes hard to remove them.  Such good practices and regular cleaning will simplify hard and time-consuming tasks.

So, all in all, what you need to remember is-


  • Use a damp microfiber cloth for fingerprints/spillage stains
  • Use a microfiber cloth and feather duster for dusting
  • Use appropriate cleaning methods and products
  • Use mild soap and warm water/white vinegar and water
  • Handle everything gently.
  • Maintain good air circulation inside the wardrobes.
  • Follow good practices of cloth organizing.


  • Never use products containing acids or abrasives
  • Never use ammonia-based cleaners
  • Never use abrasive sponges
  • Do not scrub or rub while dealing with stains.
  • Do not use vinegar or chemical-based products on metal frames.

Maintaining and taking care of your wardrobe is a tricky task, but with the above-mentioned tips, you can simplify cleaning chores.  Follow the above tips, and you will surely have a fresh, clean, new-looking, and clutter-free wardrobe always.