How do I choose the right size telehandler?

The telehandler is a versatile piece of heavy equipment that is seen on many construction and engineering sites, as well as manufacturing, warehouse, agricultural and industrial sites. Choosing the right size telehandler for the project and task you require it for is an important part of the process, and working with a plant lease company that you trust, and one that has experience in telehandler hire, will help you to make the correct choice. Telehandlers make it easy to handle materials, with a wealth of attachment options on top of the basic structure and capabilities it provides the operator.

If you are considering hiring a telehandler or forklift for your site of work, you’ll need to hire the right size in order to reduce the risk of dropping materials, of the machine tipping over due to overloading its capacity, causing structural damage, and physical injuries.

What are the different sizes of telehandler?

There is much versatility with telehandlers due to the forward reach it possesses and the many different attachments that can broaden its capabilities. Choosing the right size is vital though.

If you are working in a small space, such as a warehouse, or in a situation where there is the need to lift pallets, you’ll be better off looking for compact telehandler hire. If there is the need for really heavy loads, or where the telehandler is required to move around over a large wide open space, a full size telehandler will have the capabilities that you are looking for.

The degree of the lift angle of the telehandler will determine the weight capacity it holds. The further away from the chassis that the load is picked up, the less weight that can be supported by the telehandler. This must be considered when choosing your telehandler hire.

This carrying capacity is so important as there is a maximum weight that each model can carry. It is vital that this weight is never exceeded, as this can cause the machine to tip over, causing injury to the operator and potentially people in close proximity from the machine itself or the load it has dropped.

The average telehandler is 43 feet long with a carrying capacity of 10,000 pounds. Use this as a basis for working out what size and capacity of telehandler you need for your project. Your plant lease specialist will have a range of telehandlers to choose from and will advise on the right approach.

Once you have figured out what type of telehandler you require for your upcoming project, with the help of your specialist plant lease company, you can begin to plan more efficiently about site times, delivery schedules of plant hire equipment and machinery, and ensuring that safety standards and procedures are all in place and ready to go. Working with a plant hire company that has experience in the field and a glowing reputation will help you to achieve what you want, without it costing you a fortune through buying plant. This makes it a necessity to find the right telehandler hire for your specific needs.