Do you want to import an American car into Canada?

Many Canadians wish to import their American car of dreams across the country. However, there are some customs clearances and other obligations that need to be complied with to import it.

The American Automated Export System(AES) issues an Internal Transaction Number(ITN) for all exports exceeding $2500. This becomes a prerequisite for car imports to Canada.

Clearit car importing firm is one of the many customs broking firms which provide brokerage services in customs clearance of Canada.

This article takes you through the process of importing an American car into Canada and the brokerage services available for the same.

Let us begin!

Importing an American car into Canada

  1. Before you import, check the Registrar of Imported Vehicles(RIV) program, vehicle modification requirements, admissibility criteria, etc.
  2. Vehicle branding history and Environment Canada requirements need to be adhered to during the purchase of the car.
  3. The imported car needs to carry the AES/ITN number from the American authorities.
  4. At the border, it should comply with the requirements of the Canada Border Services Agency(CSBA), Transport Canada, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  5. Remittance of taxes and duties when applicable to bring your vehicle through Canadian customs.
  6. The inspection by the Canadian RIV should be done in 45 days from the day of import.
  7. A vehicle modified from its original form will not qualify for import into Canada.
  8. After the RIV inspection process, contact your provincial licensing jurisdictions for information about licensing your vehicle.

How can a brokerage firm help you?

Some customs brokerage firms offer an attractive car import package which makes importing a car hassle-free.

The services include the following.

  1. Compliance with the requirement of AES/ITN Number.
  2. Timely submission of ITN to the Automotive Export Control
  3. Customs agent present at the site of crossing across the border to undertake customs clearances
  4. Preparation of documentation for customs release.
  5. Remittance of Duties & Taxes to Canada Customs
  6. Border crossing coordination
  7. Complete customs accounting documentation
  8. Doorstep delivery to the client from the border.

Some precautions before you import an American car into Canada

  • Check if the car is admissible into Canada by going through the RIV. Add metric odometers and daytime running lights as needed.
  • A car with a salvage or rebuilt title can not be imported.

Concluding thoughts

Importing an American car into Canada can be better managed if a professional customs broker is hired. The technical and legal compliances need to be adhered to to ensure a hassle-free import.