6 Tips for Better Business Holiday Cards

As the holiday season rolls around, companies need to remember the benefit of business Christmas cards. The holiday season is when people enter the spirit of gift-giving and look for deals to fulfill obligations.

A properly addressed card arriving at the right time is a surefire way to improve business. Customization provides the strongest opportunity for conversion, but there are several things to keep in mind as you design your cards.

1. Make Business Christmas Cards Thoughtful

While there is nothing particularly wrong with a simple holiday greeting, your customers will get more value from your cards if they contain a heartfelt message. You want to consider the time you are sending the card and any previous events in the year. For instance, after the events of COVID-19, a business might be careless to include a statement like, “Cheers to another great year!” Make sure your cards are empathetic and reflect the current social temperature.

2. Update Your Contacts

Customized holiday greeting cards are always a nice touch, but you do not want to waste money. Before the holiday season, you should take the time to perform a customer audit or inventory. You want to make sure that you are not using an outdated list. The primary purpose of sending out cards is to gain more business, but if you are sending to clients who are no longer clients, you might muddy your message.

3. Remember Your Website

Websites and social media accounts are critical business tools nowadays. In the salutations or conclusion of your card, always include contact information. The contact should include email, website, and any social media profiles. However, ensure that wherever you direct customers, they can reach or interact with the brand. Never include personal contact info unless you plan on responding to any potential messages directly.

4. Remember Your Employees

A business cannot exist without the dedication and labor of employees. The holidays are a time to remember your staff and show your appreciation. When designing custom holiday cards, take the time to design something for your workers. Your team deserves a friendly and thankful holiday message as much or more than your clients. Taking the time to create and send a message shows you support the team that makes everything possible.

5. Make the Card Personal

Personalization is critical to memorability. If you want your holiday cards to end up on a mantle or refrigerator, make sure to use a client’s name and take the time to craft individualized messages. The message does not have to be long or involved, but it should reference the individual and what they mean to the business. You can also sweeten the message by providing targeted coupons.

6. Focus on Advertising Goals

Above all else, remember that business Christmas cards provide advertising opportunities. While you want to wish your clients a happy holiday, you also want to encourage future business. Therefore, take the time to include “gifts” like coupons, gift cards, etc.

The primary thing to remember when designing holiday cards is to mimic brand voice. If you are ready to start creating next year’s holiday greetings, go to Cards for Causes and choose your template.