What Does Media Training Consist Of?

The expression media training covers a lot of ground. This is because the media industry is versatile and has many divisions. It follows that an article on media training should look at all the different sub-divisions of the media industry. In the old days, the media industry was simply divided into the print media and the electronic media. The print media refers to newspapers and magazines while the electronic media refers to radio and TV stations. The truth is that in this internet era with online publications all over the place, we have to come up with a more definite categorization that will include all the new media industries. If you are training to be a media practitioner in the current era, you will do well to look at the following.


The surest path to becoming a reputable journalist is to study journalism at university level. This is a four year course and in these four years, you will learn all you need to know to qualify as a smart and confident journalist. Among other things, the professors at the university will teach you public communication, writing for the internet, creative writing and proofreading. You will also take courses in linear editing, copy editing and even libel law.


If you want to specialize in broadcasting, your best bet is to study broadcasting at university level. This is a four year course and you will learn everything you need to know to qualify as a competent broadcaster. Among other courses, you will study radio production, TV production, video production and video editing. In addition, you will take courses in elocution, public speaking, media presentations and so on.

Journalism for Internet Practitioners

Internet journalism is a relatively new form of journalism but it is growing in leaps and bounds. If you want to be a guru in this field, you need to take courses on writing for the internet, producing infographics and maintaining an online presence. You also need courses in internet marketing, social media marketing and online video production.

Blogging Training

Training as a blogger is a huge money spinner in the world of internet journalism. Blogging is a goldmine and there is always a high demand for talented and competent bloggers. The best thing about this form of journalism is that the professional blogger can grow his or her platform, reach millions of loyal followers and make serious money from adverts.

Creating A Huge Following

In some cases, the online journalist might not be a journalist in the real sense of the word. Many online journalists make serious money from article marketing, ghost writing and article writing. Others make their money from creating videos and audios online and marketing these products. The secret to success in this case is to create a huge following by using social media to market the products in question.

Final Word

As you can see, media training takes many forms. Choose the one you love and get all the training you need. If things go well, you can write your own ticket.

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