What Are Some Ways To Avoid Drowsiness

Falling asleep during study or work is one of the most common problems of people, and it moves the concentration and shows as a sign of some severe health problems. Here some of the ways to avoid drowsiness (วิธีแก้ง่วงตอนทํางาน, which is the term in Thai) are given below:

Let There Be Light

Our body can respond to environmental signals such as darkness and light. But that does not necessarily mean that in a well-lit room, you can’t sleep, or in a dark room, you can’t stay awake. Light is only here a cue that can promote wakefulness. A protein gets activated when exposed to light and keeps the person awake.

Get Adequate Hydration

Dehydration can signify fatigue and sleepiness, and dehydration also disrupts cognitive function making studying or work challenging to perform. A recent review has published that mild to moderate dehydration is linked with short-term memory, lack of concentration, and alertness.

To avoid drowsiness, you can stay hydrated throughout the day. It will keep your body hydrated, and you will not feel drowsy.

Get Some Extra Sleep

Feeling too sleepy is also a reason why you get drowsiness. Be sure to get enough sleep before you try to wake at night. If you have any special event ahead of you, then boost your sleep hours one week before the date.

While adult people can usually get seven to nine hours of sleep, younger people need more to feel rested.

Drink Caffeine

You can get an adequate amount of caffeine from drinks like coffee, tea, and chocolate. But make sure to use this with caution. Otherwise, it can fuel up too late nights.

Caffeine works by blocking the adenosine receptor that is responsible for sleepiness. The effect of caffeine varies from 1.5 hours to 7.5 hours.

But if it is overused, then it leads to insomnia.

Regular Exercise

Exercise has so many benefits for sleeping. Aerobic exercise helps in sleeping so early and promotes sound sleep. Apart from that, 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight keeps the sleep pattern regular.


These all are ways to avoid drowsiness. You can concentrate on your work and get a healthy lifestyle with the above methods. So, try to follow these ways as soon as possible.