Tips to Secure MetroNet’s Wi-Fi 

We all love using the internet! Be it for socializing or for work purposes. The internet is available not only for tech-savvy individuals but also for anyone who wants to use it.

The internet has made our lives much easier. However, this has allowed hackers to use it for malicious means and hack people’s devices. 

Wi-Fi is another blessing of technology, and it is high time that we should take the necessary steps to enhance its security. We all tend to change our credentials from time to time but never consider changing the credentials of our home Wi-Fi network. This can be dangerous! Hackers are trying to find ways to hack the devices and use your data for their malicious means. 

Cybercrimes have increased four-fold, and during the first quarter of 2022, there were approximately 18 million data breaches. Several types of data breaches are happening, and home networking hacking is one of them. So, no matter how reliable your internet provider is, you need to take the necessary steps to enhance your security. If you fail to do so, then your ISP is not to be blamed at all, as cybercrimes are very common. 

If you are a subscriber of MetroNet Internet and looking for ways to ensure that your device remains secure, then give this blog a good read. 

MetroNet’s Wi-Fi

If you have chosen internet services from MetroNet, you will be able to enjoy the top-notch services and high-speed internet connection. 

The Metronet home Wi-Fi manages to deliver a secure connection and optimal internet performance. The provider knows how vital it is to ensure that security services are provided to the user. Therefore, it manages to offer complete Defense Security solutions, so you are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The solution comes with antivirus protection, banking protection, firewall solution, and so much more. 

If your subscriber is offering secure services, then you should also take some measures to ensure that your connection remains secure. Your minor mistake can make you suffer in the long run! 

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure that their internet connection remains secure. 

Best Security Tips 

Follow the steps below to ensure that your MetroNet’s Wi-Fi device remains secure. 

If you forget these steps, then MetroNet is not to be blamed as the provider is offering excellent services. 

Change Your Credentials

Once the professional technician installs your Wi-Fi connection, you need to change the password and username. Never rely on the default credentials because the modem and the router tend to be vulnerable to attacks. 

Also, do not keep a password that can be easily guessed or cracked, always use a combination of letters and numbers, and it should be longer than twenty characters. Lastly, do not rely on this password and frequently change it. Changing passwords one time is not enough as the hackers use advanced ways to attack the devices. 

Enable a Firewall 

This is another great way to ensure that the malicious traffic stays away from your home network. Many devices come with a built-in firewall solution, so you need to check your security settings to switch them on before you connect your device. 

Update Your Firmware

People always overlook this step, and this makes their devices vulnerable to attacks. The firmware of the Wi-Fi sets the security standards of your connection. The update provides bug fixes and loopholes. This makes your device secure, and hackers cannot easily hack it. The mere reason is that the technology is continuously evolving, so developers try to update the devices, so it remains competitive with the new models. 

Switch Off Your Wi-Fi

Ask yourself, do you ever switch off your Wi-Fi? You never do, right? This is one of the most overlooked security steps. When you leave for work and are not using it, you should turn off the device. 

Hackers target the networks that are available all the time, so do not give them the chance to attack your device. 

Create a Guest Network 

If your friends and relatives constantly visit your house, you should consider creating a guest network. This step allows the guests to access the home network, and they will no longer be connected to your primary home network. 

If you do not create a separate network, then your friends can connect to your primary network and infect your device with viruses. Thus, your system gets weak and vulnerable to attacks. 

Take Away 

The world of the internet has bought many opportunities, but it has also exposed itself to its dark side. We hope you will take the necessary steps to secure your Wi-Fi. Therefore, having a secure internet connection is not enough. You need to take measures from your end as well. Always take extra precautions, as we have no idea what hackers are up to. A secure home network will help in reducing the risk of getting hacked and hackers stealing your private information.