AI-Powered Startup Issue-Solving Recognition

Large firms benefit from the inventions of startups since these more adaptable emerging businesses are eager to try out innovative approaches to success. Finding the right startups for your business was difficult before Entrapeer.

The Features of Our Platform

Entrapeer’s innovation management solutions can assist established businesses in identifying startups that possess the necessary technology to address their challenges. Despite its ambitious objective, Entrapeer uses artificial intelligence and training to find online use cases and aggregate them into a single, easily navigable database. We continue on. Our human staff reviews each use case to ensure it makes sense and adds value to the database.

How Our Database Helps Companies

With our platform, companies can undertake startup scouting with ease because we have organized all of the information for you. Use our database platform to look up an issue and get a quick and efficient solution.

The Entrapeer platform provides more than just an overview and contact information. We gather all the data about the technology that the businesses employ, describing in depth how their platform, software, or product tackles a specific problem and offering specific use examples to show how each business implemented it and the results. By doing research for companies seeking solutions to enduring problems, we reduce the corporation’s time commitment and bring it closer to the startup.

How Our Database Helps Startups

Any startup with a minimum viable product (MVP) and at least one use case can benefit from our platform. A startup might attract large corporate investors by demonstrating how their product or platform benefits other businesses. Whether a firm needs a proof-of-concept (POC) or pilot project for its product or it is a plug-and-play, listing it in the Entrapeer database could boost its appeal to potential investors.

The Way We Help Angel and Venture Capitalists

Sign up for an Entrapeer account and discover a world of technologies that suit your budget. The startups on our database platform have already developed their MVPs, but they may need further finance, industry insiders, or mentorship. Without having to travel to group meetings or pitch nights, you can swiftly review potential investments to select the ones that most appeal to you. You can outperform other VCs and angel investors by leveraging our pre-vetted startups and reviewing in-depth information about their products and successful implementations.

Review Our Use Cases

Do you question whether Entrapeer is suitable for your new business venture? Look no further—take a look at our use cases. Check out how we helped a European telecom company find the right startup to help it reduce its energy consumption and enter new markets. See how Işbank used Entrapeer to identify a company that reduced expenses and raised revenue while employing machine learning to enhance performance. Learn how we helped a major European tire business find companies that are using waterless growing methods and indoor vertical farms to reduce their environmental impact while receiving high-quality raw rubber resources.

Contact Entrapeer Right Now!

Contact us right now to begin working on startups; don’t wait for our AI search to find you. As soon as possible, send us your use cases and data so we can integrate them into our platform. Our platform allows corporations, angel investors, and venture capitalists to find the greatest companies and develop win-win alliances that foster win-win outcomes in all sectors of the economy.